Tuesday, August 28, 2007

like the such as and south africans in the iraq


This is sad on so, so so so many levels. Number 1: That question wasn't really a great question to have to answer in like 60 seconds, plus it's such a ridiculous statement that part of me can't even blame this poor girl for stumbling around in the dark recesses of her vacant brain searching for an equally incoherent answer (a quest which she clearly over-delivered for). Number 2: The Iraq? South Africa? Asian countries? Word? You couldn't pick one country in Asia? This is just.. ugh, blah...
And here I am sounding equally incoherent. Want to know why? Because Miss Teen South Carolina just coughed up a big ball of ignorance and hurled it at the face of every single person unfortunate enough to have seen/heard her answer (which includes you now, thanks to me :D). Stuff like this makes my head hurt because of the fact that it puts you face to face with thick ignorance that blankets so much of America. So maybe some Americans can't locate us on a map, yes, that is a severe problem probably more attributable to the fact that we have a shameful lack of focus on geography in public school education- but what I find slightly more troubling is that, while we are at war, in an age of incredibly tense international relations, this girl can't even pick a few countries out east other than the ones she's heard buzz words about.

Let's hope our government is a little better at picking out countries on a map. We're good with Iraq and I think we've almost located North Korea, now we just gotta find North Africa and we'll be fine.

...oh, Kaya has informed me that Africa has more than two countries. I guess further investigation is necessary.

And for pure enjoyment...

Wasn't that hilarious? I thought so. :D

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kidbonita said...

obviously, they don't teach complete sentence structure or geography in south carolina - at least not for the girls and women. i wonder whether the education system there is better for the white male?