Wednesday, August 1, 2007

intel: processors for the man

While browing the net I saw this gem of an Intel ad on a forum:

Yeah. That's right. Let it sink in real good.
Anything pop out at you? Anything at all?
Okay, so clearly you guys are smart enough to see what's incredibly problematic about this ad, but I'll go ahead and say it anyway, just to make sure that it's clear: RACISM.
So when I first saw this, other than the flaming anger that began to rise inside of me (with a fair bit of vomit in my throat, as this sort of thing just plain makes me sick) I was a bit confused at how it at all related to computers and technology. So not only is it problematic that these men (all conveniently Black men) are bowing down (yeah I know it's a stance in racing/track but clearly you see the imagery) to a white man, but even the copy that 'justifies' the imagery is itself problematic:
"Multiply computing performance and maximize the power of your employees."
Wow, so much to unpack. So first of all, even though "power" in terms of meeting deadlines and maximizing resources would be a relatively beneficial result of having really good processors, but to me the word power combined with the image of the men (strong, hunched and athletic, muscles very clearly sculpted, highlighted by shadows and even sort of glistening in the lighting) really connotes more of a brute, physical sense of power. In a sense, nothing about the image gives me the idea that the processors complimented the intellect and ability of the workers.
Which brings me to another problem that I have- the men very clearly represent the Intel processors and not the workers. Let me tell you why.. The print reads that "multiply computing performance" (clearly through Intel processors) but that you "maximize the power of your employees," nothing about the power of these men looks maximized. Instead, it really just looks like the same man (generalizing Black people, how nice) multiplied over and over again, ready to out perform (because he's about to run really fast, you know why? Because he's Black, and boy can those n*ggers run, huh?) those crappy old other processors. When it comes down to it, Intel equates these Black men (or even this Black man, since he really seems to be just copy/pasted onto the ad because of the lack of attention and detail given to his seemingly unimportant face) to technology, to machines- to tools that white men (read: corporate America, controlled by white men, obviously) can buy, sell, use and control and with no tough feelings- I mean look at the smug smile on that guy's face.
I mean damn, you'd think that after the ole 3/5 thing was in history that we'd actually start to be seen as human beings and not as property anymore, but I guess you really shouldn't overestimate the power of racism and the ignorance (i.e. ignoring racial issues) of white America. Damn. Like come ON- who let this ad run, and how many people approved it? Do Black people even WORK at Intel?
If you are Black, working at Intel, and you somehow saw the concept for this and had a hand in approving it before production then you suck ass and are a failure for letting this get out.

In closing, what does this mean for good ol Brittany?
The next computer I get will have an AMD processor.


Alberto Pedro said...

You - and all your people like - are a "little" skyzzo... See racism and attacks in all the corners... Live the life!!! Black people and Intel processors are fasters... The ad was great!

Brittany said...

Well, if you're not being incredibly sarcastic (which is kind of hard to tell) then this is a great example of people not understanding the damage that subtle racism does. Everything is not an outright attack, and overt attacks aren't the only things to be upset about.

Jean said...

wah wah wah

Brittany said...

Lol, Jean I'm really going to need for you to not hate hate hate all over the place.

Richard said...

And, what if the colors were revered? Is that not also racism in your eyes? There have been several ads of late showing a cool black dude letting us know how dorkey, lame, or dumb the white guy was. This is racism. "White Men Can't Jump" is also racist. If you can't see it, I'd suggest you open your eyes and think about it.

underwayent said...
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underwayent said...

Hey Brittany, Black people do work at Intel and some of us are proud of it. Although the ad does prove to be insensitive, It was not Intel's intent. Intel is a very diverse company and African Americans play a very important role within the company. It seems that most people are always looking to play the race card at the drop of a dime. We need to start throwing the races cards at each other. JUST WANTED TO CORRECT SOME SPELLING FROM MY LAST POST

brotherkomrade said...

I buy AMD (built my first machine with and AMD processor. I also suggest using Linux, too.