Friday, September 14, 2007

those gay elephants are stampeding again

the republican party just can't get enough.

the latest news is that while our favorite secretary of state and most endearing black woman, condoleezza rice, is "not gay," she's not doing a super job of appearing that way.

yes, condi has a 'very good friend.' i'm shocked. mainly because...well look at her.

ok cheap shot. but seriously, folks. i mean i'm not gonna say the secretary of state is a lesbian, because then i'd be trying to make a fact out of something that's more like a firm belief. but i will say i've always had my suspicions. and i'll further say that at the rate these people are going, they're going to have to paint that little elephant mascot in rainbows and give him a tiny dog in a purse. and that will just look awkward on the website, don't you think?

i COULD ask you a serious question like "do you think condi is gay" or "do you think she'll come out" or "what would that mean for the republican party," but i think instead i'll leave you to ponder this question, and you go ahead and let me know what you think:

if, hypothetically, condi WERE to be a lesbian, do you think she's had a secret fling with ann coulter? what would that be like?


icarus said...

my favorite comment on that post:

Condi is a lesbo. Jeez, tell us something we DON'T know.
Tom3 09.14.07 - 3:22 pm

emily2 said...

i like the fact that the house is "rice and bean"s house. it's like a latin diner.

kidbonita said...

does that alec baldwin guy;s character on 30 rock know this? cause he was dating her for a while last season. what drama.

wannatakethisoutside said...

My typical sexual orientation does not typically include republicans but I think I'd swing for Ms. Rice.