Sunday, September 30, 2007

just a note...

i also got a little caught up in "life" and forgot to keep up with the times. i'll post something for real tomorrow, but i just had to mention this now so you can be prepared later when i go crazy.

the cubs have not won the world series since 1908. that means if they win this year, they'll slide in just under a century of losing. i shouldn't have to tell you this, but come on. root for the cubs this year. wear a chicago t-shirt if you've got one. if you're feeling extra-friendly, break the legs of some potential threats out there. just don't tell the police i sent you.


kidbonita said...

you have all the cool chicago tees. but i have a groovy cap that rides with me everywhere, even if i'm not always wearing it.
i miss you.
go cubbies.

kidbonita said...

darn it; lost the first one last night. hope tonight is better.