Tuesday, February 19, 2008

a random (and sad) thought

I was in a cab today coming back from one meeting to go to another, and on Taxi-Vision or Cab-Cube or whatever that taxicab network is, I saw this (or at least something like it) go across the news ticker on the bottom of the screen just below the weather:
"Cab driver commits sex assault on two passengers. Including exotic dancer."
I had two reactions to this.

1) Terrifying. Thanks for that taxi-tv, I am in a cab.
2) Why did you have to mention the profession of one of the victims? Because she was an exotic dancer? Why should that have any bearing on the fact that she was the victim of a very violating crime?

It just makes me so annoyed when people act as though sex crimes are justified when committed on sex workers or those whose occupations deal with the sexual. Why should a sex worker have less rights, access to protection or respect from fellow human beings because of his or her occupation? Not to say that I condone or denounce sex work (I will make no official stance on this blog, my feelings on this are personal and will remain that way) but America is so full of prudes. You'd think for a country/social system that breaks everything else (including the body in some ways, hello patented human DNA strands) we could accept the genitals as property and the acts they can do/services they can provide as real services (arms and hands for massages..?) and respect them as such.
Things are sad.

Oh and for any morons who want to say something stupid like "do you know the situations poor prostitutes have to go through.. unwilling sex workers... blah blah blah" I am aware of this and am not an idiot. Also I know that life is nuanced, but since conservatives like to isolate incidents and situations to discuss and disect, I will do the same for this!

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