Sunday, February 24, 2008


So I was up way too late one work night when I saw the video I'm posting below and thought it was so sweet. I told myself I'd remember the name and group so I could watch it later and maybe download it onto my iPod. Of course I forgot and just spent like an hour trying to find this crap on the internet. anyway, watch the video and then I'll come back at you w/some words and such.

So after watching it I was like.. what's the big deal? Why did I want to find this so bad and why did I feel so connected to it? I mean, after all it's just another 'emo' chill out song. And didn't we have enough of that in the 90's between Enya and Dido? But then I paid a little more attention to the video itself and realized that it speaks so much to my feelings in this city sometimes. Not necessarily the romantic voyeurism, but the at times irrational sense of isolation. I know that if you live here, you've probably felt sad about dealing with something you had going on, and wandered the streets, looking at everybody go to wherever they're going with the people they're with and thought "why do I feel lonely right now?" I mean, there are so many things and so many people constantly surrounding us that we have no real right to feel lonely or unoccupied or disconnected. Or maybe it's just me..
Anyway I was thinking about this, and just wondered if anybody else ever felt this way, and if this was just a NYC thing, or a big city thing.. or hell, just a angst-y 20-something thing. Lemme know your thoughts.
Also, enjoy the video. :)

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kaya said...

i just finally got around to watching that video, and thought it was cute. even though i kept hoping one of the couples would be gay and then they never were, so i felt unfulfilled.

i like how they accurately portrayed the subway system. i really felt like i was living my morning commute all over again, only this time i felt kind of guilty for tripping that lady...