Wednesday, February 20, 2008

check this out

If you haven't had the chance, don't know of Quench or don't write for it (which I am convinced that probably 80% of our readership do lol) then PLEASE check this out, an excellent post on a great subject.
For those of you who read this and went to Harvard- and to a more minute level of detail- those who took Ec10, this (Michelle Tea's block quote) is exactly how I felt throughout all the sections on lower class households and public education.

(P.S. Kaya, I just made "hegemony" a tag in our little tag box... can you believe we didn't have that crap on there already? Weirded out.)


icarus said...

hi Brittany!

wow, thanks for linking to us! i re-posted your comment to keep things anonymous, but i wanted to say that it made my daaaay. :-)

icarus said...

also, "hegemony" is a great tag. i should add it.

kaya said...

i can't believe we didn't have hegemony on there already. might as well have changed the blog name to afronomics. oh! burn!

Brittany said...

ahahahhahahhahaha hilarious!