Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stand Up!

when i move, you move. just like that.

ok that was a shaky connection at best, i just really wanted to throw ludacris in there somewhere. we'll move on. what i'm trying to say is that I am planning on going somewhere on Thursday, and i really hope that you will be there too. Feel free to skip further down in this post if you're just dying to know where that place will be.

so the whole debate over the Stand4Security campaign was at a peak before this glorious blog was technically created. however luckily for us, the campaign is nowhere near over. To summarize all the hubbub, security guards at Harvard are organizing around four main issues: fair wages and real parity, steady full-time work, fair grievances procedures, and recognition. For more information on the entire campaign and history, i'd recommend their website, linked above. this past friday marked the end of a 9 day hunger strike by students supporting the security guards, and dear lord but was THAT ever a controversy. I don't want to go into the whole thing now because if i do, i'll get all mad. and then you'll think i'm being irrational. but to summarize, a lot of people thought the hunger strike was stupid, and an almost equal amount of people seem to think that security guards don't even deserve a living wage. that was devastating.

anyways, the point of this post is not to get back into that again, because i think we can all agree that the entire discussion was pretty irritating. the point is to inform you all that just because the hunger strike is over doesn't mean the campaign is. everyone who was "for the cause but against the methods," its time to put your money where your mouth is. and everyone who was just "for the cause" in general, it's time to not get lazy. also known as not the time to get lazy. take your pick. anyways...

STAND UP with Allied-Barton Security Officers in their fight for a fair contract.

Student support is crucial in this campaign, and I can't even begin to tell you how heartbreaking it would be to see support for the security guards fall off now that the hunger strike is over. this has always been about the security guards, not about us. let's keep it that way and let's all come out to support them this thursday and let harvard know that we mean business.

wait, i don't actually think that was convincing enough. what i mean is that i absolutely EXPECT all of you to be there, and if you're not, i'm gonna be pretty pissed, because everyone talked a whole lot of talk about this whole campaign, and not coming out when it really matters would be some bullshit.

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