Thursday, May 15, 2008

on a similar note...

i know, i know, i wrote that other post a while ago so i cant just pick up where i left off as if a week hasn't gone by. wait, yes i can. this is my blog and i do what i want.

so like i mentioned, my "pet peeve" (and by pet peeve, i mean thing that makes me go into a blind rage) is when people are completely lacking self-awareness and/or the desire to think self-critically. one of the areas of life where this seems to be coming out more and more (and thus bothering me more and more) is of course the presidential race.

reading blogs is like, the new fun thing with kids these days, and since i quit celebrity gossip, my attempts to be cool have mainly revolved around various politically-minded blogs. recently, however, i've begun to run out of blogs to read because i've had to delete them from my favorites, one by one, as they become too frustrating to enjoy. here is the conundrum: all of the black people blogs i read support obama and hate clinton to the point where they refuse to acknowledge any sexism in the race, or any flaws in obama's campaign or his politics. the feminist-type blogs i read support clinton and hate obama in a conveniently mirror-image approach.

to anyone who fits one of those descriptions, i would like to pose a question: what the fuck is wrong with your brain? or, in the words of one of my friends from work, "its like a brain trauma ward in here." is it that you just want the other side to see your point SO badly that you exaggerate to the point of untruth? do you think you'll look weak if you admit that they're right on certain points? newsflash: this is not middle school, its real life. racism and sexism both exist. fucking deal with it, get over yourselves, and stop pretending like you have some sort of moral high ground when you KNOW you don't.

or more disturbing: perhaps you really don't know. maybe i'm just reading the opinions of a lot of black men who have never in their lives thought about or cared about the privilege they get from being male, and who have never bothered to notice sexism, and a bunch of white women who've done the same thing with their privileged status in this society as white. possibly the only thing that makes me more angry than a rich white male who is comfortable in his privilege is a minority who thinks that this one thing that makes him/her different from that rich white male is the most important thing in society. which brings me back to my point from my last post: not all of us have that luxury.

anyways, its late and it would be unwise for me to start lecturing you on intersectionality because frankly my spelling is deteriorating as we speak. but my point i guess is this: if the so-called 'liberals' in this country can't even open their eyes wide enough to see each other, we deserve another 8 years of bush.

also i'm expatriating.


Stephanie said...

Kaya, I'm going through the same thing. It's difficult for a political junkie like me not to be able to enjoy the blogosphere in a campaign season. And more important, I am scared of the scars this battle is leaving. I have read some really hateful, vicious things from people who seem to be unaware that they are mimicking and amplifying the attacks from the other side.

You know I came here from one of the Clinton blogs where you were a breath of fresh air. I have since read several of your posts. I hope you don't mind that I am adding myself to your list of fans.

Oh, I am missplsd, btw, since you don't allow openID posts here.

brotherkomrade said...

The very first post I wrote about regarding the election touches on the the sexism of the MSM aimed at Clinton and Clinton's own racism aimed at the black community.

I posted something to one of the blogs you are referring to where the blogger tried to make it seem like you are attacking her and not attacking the sexism of another male blog. But I knew of a comment that you wrote to the male blogger calling him on one of his posts and I pasted it to the woman's blog showing her that not only did you call the guy out, but you were doing so in HER defense!

She deleted my comment because she was embarrassed of her own hypocrisy.

I added you to my blogroll.

kaya said...

thanks both of you!

stephanie/missplsd - you were a breath of fresh air over there too. those people can get crazy. and i'd change the openID post thing if i had any idea how...brittany runs things around here. :)

and brotherkomrade - i can't believe she deleted your post like that! i mean i can, but damn. thats some hypocrisy in action. thanks for the attempted support!