Thursday, October 23, 2008

term limits and protests

so city council voted today to extend term limits so king bloomberg can get a third term. feel free to ponder that, while you also ponder the following: as with any event, major or minor, this elicited a protest outside city hall. but whereas the past few days the park has been filled with black and brown people protesting for better schools and better health care, today was white professionals in suits, still working via blackberry while protesting term-limit legislation. fascinating.


Senait said...

as long as they were blackberrys and not iPhones, i think they're technically still considered oppressed people.

icarus said...

It's like when the ABA held a protest against the overthrow of the judiciary in Pakistan. Hundreds of lawyers in suits with BlackBerrys standing silently outside the Supreme Court for 20 minutes. And we obeyed the traffic signals on the way back.