Saturday, April 5, 2008


i know i don't actually post regularly enough for you to even notice when i'm gone, but for some reason i feel the need anyways to announce that i'm going out of town, so no posts from me for another 8 days at least.

on the plus side, you still have brittany! i could have just commented this on your last post, but as long as im already here, yeah. that video was like, not really funny. and if someone was actually doing that on the subway i was on, i would get REALLY mad. people around here have a nasty habit of turning anything they don't understand into a joke. but some things are actually not that funny. like homelessness.

another pet peeve: those ads on the subway telling you not to give money to homeless people, and to instead donate to an organization that provides homeless services. makes perfect sense, right? people who are begging for money on the subway COULD be getting great services elsewhere but they're just too lazy. and they're on drugs. so don't waste your money on them. because of course it makes PERFECT sense that a homeless person, given the choice between begging you for money and going to get what they need in a less humiliating and degrading way, they'd choose begging you. how about whoever made that ad campaign tries accessing some of those services, finds out there aren't actually enough, and then shuts the fuck up? jesus.

anyways, peace out. see y'all in about a week.

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