Wednesday, March 26, 2008

its a metaphor (aka "get over it")

disclaimer: if you're like me and watch shows like the wire on dvd a year late because you can't afford HBO, this post might spoil season 3 for you. then again, season 3 was like, 3 years ago so if thats the case you need to step up your dvd-watching game. on to the post:

I don't know what's more disturbing: the article I read in the new york times today or the fact that said article has mysteriously vanished from the website. i'll have to do this from memory. If i recall, it said that about how 28% of Clinton supporters would vote for McCain over Obama, and 19% of Obama supporters would vote Mccain over Clinton.

(ok i took a short break from writing this to overcome my laziness and just google it, and of course the first link was to the new york times. like it was there all along. i see your evil tricks, internet. it was hard to find before.)

aaanyways, like i said, disturbing. i mean get that people get really invested in "their" candidate. you watch them on tv and on youtube, you get super passionate about the promise the future holds, you make t-shirts and signs and in general act like college students at a division III football game. i get it. its fun. ish. and i mean don't get me wrong, i totally get invested in things on occasion too. and when shit doesn't go my way on the television, i've been known to hold a grudge. For example, when (spoiler alert!) stringer bell got shot dead on the wire i was mad as hell for like, a week. i just walked around complaining about it to anyone who would sit still and feel to guilty to get up and leave. and for a week after that i didn't want anything to do with omar
and couldn't bring myself to start season 4. but i got over it and continued on to enjoy season 4. why? first of all its a tv show, and you need to let that shit go, and second of all because i had heard season 4 was the best one. but most importantly, omar is one of the best characters on the show, and if stringer is dead you need to just move on and watch the show for the characters you like who are still alive. i think you get my point. lets say your candidate's campaign were to "die." it wouldn't even be as dramatic and fucked up as it was with stringer. they'd probably just put it to sleep quietly in a press conference. but you'd have to be pretty much a complete idiot to carry the resentment about that straight through to november and vote for mccain instead of the democratic candidate. because lets face it: the wire is a tv show, but even though it LOOKS like a tv show, the presidential race is actually a contest that will apparently determine who our president will be for the next 4 years. so its like, a bit more of a big deal.

this was a very roundabout way of me saying this: people treat politics in this country like some sort of big game. which it is, in tons of ways, and we can get into that at a later date. but the part thats not really a game is the part about how the president's political interests affect national policy for 4 years. so if people actually care about shit like health care and education and aren't just registered as democrats because everyone else in their yoga class is, they might want to get over the bullshit and try not to hand over the election to john mccain.

oh, and also, wouldn't it be such a shame if the year we had a black man and a white woman as presidential hopefuls, they managed to tear each other down and give the presidency to a white man? yeah. that'd be a great one for the history books. jesus.


Gayatri said...
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Gayatri said...

there were a BUNCH of typos there. lets try this again:

so i agree in theory, but this disregards all those people out there that care more about a woman or a black person becoming president than they do about a particular party ideology. who is to say that 28% of clinton supporters aren't republicans only voting for her because shes a woman? who is to say that 18% of obama supporters aren't republicans only voting for obama because he's black? there are a bunch of independents that are in play here too that might not really lean toward a party in general. its of course possible that people are just being dipshits and holding a grudge against the person they were rooting against during primary season, and given the fact that obama and clinton's policies are so similar, this is more viable. however, mccain is relatively liberal when it comes to republicans, and clinton is probably more conservative than obama, so this doesn't actually shock me incredibly. also, i think most polls are bulshit. BUT they are bloggable. so thats always a plus.

brotherkomrade said...

The Democratic Party has an ideology?
I'd have never known.

brotherkomrade said...

Oh, and how in the hell could you like Stringer Bell? He killed my favorite character, D' Angelo AND slept with D's wife. I always loved Omar and Brother Muzone. When they did String in, I looped the scene in my video editing program just to watch him getting blown away in rapid-fie repeats. Ha Ha!

kaya said...

hahah true to both brotherkomrade's points. i always liked stringer because of the co-op. also because i liked those little reading glasses he wore to business school. he was a complex dude. clearly if one of them had to die, it should have been him not omar, but i was still sad to see him go. plus you know avon did him wrong. stringer was all torn up and emotional about sending avon back to jail, and meanwhile avon was just letting him get shot dead. thats rude.

brotherkomrade said...

But sis, D was Avon's nephew!!
:-) LOL. I know what you're saying. Stringer was complex. he may have been dirty, but he tried hard to legitimize 'their thing'. Avon was so stupid and so street, he like Marlo just lacked the vision and desire to get out of the street and go into other things; a good metaphor for leftist who need to get the hell away from the Democratic party and look at third or fourth party options.

kaya said...

true, i agree. and the wire is a great metaphor for everything. i should try and work it into more posts...