Monday, December 3, 2007


I know I should do this in comments, but I'd like to point out to everyone that there are definitely employment opportunities that lie somewhere between the realm of public service and finance. They are often called "regular jobs." I have one such mythical job (which I am sitting at right now, oh the wonders of the internet and a reasonably liberal company that doesn't block all fun sites) and I find myself making enough money to live, save, and oh you know, go out from time to time.
Don't let Harvard fool you, you can have all sorts of jobs and futures!
Okay that was my rant. Damn, it's time to go home.
P.S. (To Kaya) Did you know that Virgin Megastore in Times Square has a whole "Gay & Lesbian" section? Food for thought. Guess where your Christmas present is prooobably going to come from..


kaya said...

i like that i got a personal blog-ps, instead of just an email or a text message. it feels more meaningful this way.

wannatakethisoutside said...

Just want to say that I think you are right that there's something in between. I'm not disagreeing with you. I think there's some difference between making money for yourself in a way that blatantly goes against your values and what you (at least claim to) care about, and just having a regular job and making some money but without specifically going against what you believe, and then hopefully still having the time/energy to devote to other things.

Only the person working the job can determine the line.

brotherkomrade said...

I have not been to one record store in Houston, Texas that did not have a LGBT section (ok, not counting the black record stores and red neck hoods).

Is this a first for NY?

kaya said...

maybe its not a "new york first" so much as a "in the vicinity of a record store with way too much time on your hands first." its sort of hard to tell the difference until you've had a second of each. you know?