Wednesday, July 25, 2007

black is the new ipod?

so i was just in san francisco (which means you can look forward in a copule days to a city-review, aka kaya's definitive judgment based on one week in the city). there are lots of ipod ads there. and since i'm not quiite ready to lay down my views about the entire city, let me amuse you by pointing out something kelly lee pointed out to me like a month ago: ALL the people in the newest ipod billboard campaign are black. i know you might not believe me. go find one that's not. i dare you.

now i just spent the past like, hour searching online for pictures to prove it, but there are surprisingly few pictures of this newest campaign online. i couldn't find any of the guys, only girls. so i'll just describe the guys. one is bald, i believe, and is wearing one of those mesh tank tops, another has a will smith during his fresh prince days-type 80s do, and another has short very curly hair and is dancing barefoot. anyways, here are the pictures i COULD find, so you know which campaign i'm talking about. i leave you to wonder about the meaning of it all.

oh, and how could i forget? also this:


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