Sunday, June 24, 2007

poetry in motion

Hectic times in the city, so I decided to write a few haikus that came to mind as I sat on a crowded A train with a crazy man playing the piccolo two seats down. Yes, in lieu of a 'real' post, but I think that the short, sweet nature of this post will accurately demonstrate how I'm feeling at this point in my life...
The Commute
Each with their own unique smell
Must they stand so close?

A desperate search
Craigslist sells us lies
Each place we see is crappy
Can we find a home?
Yeah, so you know. If I can think of some more that are applicable I'll go ahead and put them up. New York City in the summer, man I tell you- full of crazy people, weird smells and lots and lots of street meat. ..The kind on the carts. And also (unfortunately) the kind not in carts.

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Kameron said...

WAIT -- Are you looking for a place to stay in NYC???